Chudibeads Universal Reader

Chudibeads Universal Reader software for reading bead patterns.

Chudibeads Universal Reader is a program that helps you gather beads on a thread for a bead crochet rope pattern of an unlimited complexity.

The process of stringing beads for a bead crochet rope will become easy, comfortable and fast.

This is what the Chudibeads software is made for.

Just open the pattern in this program, choose sounds matching your colors, press play and start stringing!

Check out items made with help of Chudibeads Universal Reader

58576 Miles of thread already beaded with our help!

No more dry eyes, wooden tongue, and burnt nerve cells!
No more mistakes and frustration!

Imagine that someone is sitting next to you, and telling you how many beads and of which color you should string now.

He is reading through the whole pattern with a steady speed.

He is announcing the next batch just when you are done with the current one.

He is never too busy to help, never gets tired and never makes mistakes.

You can tell him to go slower or faster, read the pattern in reverse order, or wait until you tell him to go ahead.

You can even tell him to "let's try a red one instead of this yellow, and remember this combination", and he will.

Yes, Chudibeads Universal Reader is the one. You'll never need anything else to string your beads.

Launch your productivity to space with Chudibeads Universal Reader!


Automatic narration

Automatic narration

Free your hands, free your mind.

Chudibeads Universal Reader will automatically read aloud the bead sequence with a speed comfortable for you. You can adjust the speed with a 0.25 second precision.

Manual advancement

Manual advancement

Step by step, as you like it.

In manual narration mode Chudibeads Universal Reader will only advance to the next step when you want it. It is as easy as pressing the spacebar.

Automatic repeat

Automatic repeat

Easily make a long rope with repeating design.

Enable automatic repeat and Chudibeads Universal Reader will read it again and again infinitely. You will see the repeats counter, and every time at the end of the pattern you'll hear the word "Finished".

Both-way reading

Both-way reading

Create mirrored desings with a single click.

Select reversed direction and you can string you pattern contrariwise. If you need a reversed variant - you don't need to redraw you pattern anymore.

Comfortable workspace

Comfortable workspace

Everything you need in one place.

Visual pattern preview, colors and scheme settings, pattern details and control panel. No hidden tabs or windows. Full keyboard control is supported.

Pattern customization

Pattern customization

Play with you pattern right there.

You can easily change every color in the pattern, and see the results in the preview instantly. The combination of the colors can be saved as a color scheme and reused at any time later.

145 Color combinations

145 Color combinations

Every color is special.

Chudibeads Universal Reader knows 29 base colors, and they can be combined with 4 optional tones. You won't confuse green, light green and mat green anymore.

Universal for any format

Universal for any format

Use your patterns collection.

Chudibeads Unversal Reader can open all known rope patterns made in DB-Bead (.dbb), JBead (.jbb), as well as its own Chudibeads Pattern format (.cbp).

Watch demonstration video

You are now just 3 steps away from the future of stringing beads

1: Purchase, download and install Chudibeads Universal Reader

2: Open a pattern, set up colors and comfortable speed

3: Enjoy your beads!

You can use your Chudibeads Universal Reader on 3 computers!

(and even more if you need it)

Still in doubt? Try free sample!

Chudibeads Universal Reader crochet bead program helper.

The sample is a simplified version of Chudibeads Universal Reader with a single built-in crochet bead pattern.

This one is called Turtle and you can make a really nice crochet bead bracelet or necklace with it.

Package includes:

  • One simple program installer
  • One beautiful pattern
  • PDF with instructions on the preferred materials
  • Detailed user manual for the program

With this sample you can experience the incredible comfort of the Chudibead Universal Reader.

The only limitation is you cannot open any other pattern in it.

The bright side is it's absolutely free - try now and come back for the Reader!