Customer Care


We are selling only downloadable products, so no shipping is required. The purchase becomes available in the customer account "downloadable products" section immediately after payment cleared.

Privacy & Security

Our software does not collect any information from user's computer, and does not require any network connection to be used. The only information that may be logged is the program's debug output which can be sent to the developer for bugfixing, and this logging can only be enabled manually by the user.

Refunds Policy

Each customer will have 14 days to ensure the programs works for him or her. If the program does not work for any reason (except running it on non-supported OS), the customer provides the developer with information about the problem, and if it cannot be solved in acceptable period, the refund is made.

Product Upgrades

We are planning to make changes to our program according to customers feedback, to make the program more comfortable, more useful, more stable. All the customers who purchased the program will receive notifications on important program updates and new versions, and will be able to download the upgrades for free.